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Business enquiries
Simon Leitch +64 21390434


What do you actually do?

Unleash NZ typically helps New Zealand companies who want to, extend into new categories, target new markets and distribution channels, or export into new countries.  We drive sales and bottom-line growth by working across the full spectrum of new market development, from identifying opportunities, to creating channels to market, to commercializing brands.

What sort of clients do you work with?

We work with a wide range of businesses, ranging from big to small. Our clients are typically entrepreneurs or corporate innovation teams who need to move out of the cycle of reworking strategy to get their project moving.

What business categories do you work with?

Our expertise covers food & beverage,packaged goods, apparel, agri & primary, health & wellness, B2B & B2C, business services and more.

What markets have you worked in?

Besides domestic New Zealand, we have experience in 25 export markets, with specialist knowledge of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

What will it cost?

It depends on the size of the project,but to give you an idea, basic projects start from $3000 and can go up from there. For an accurate estimate, we’d need to find out a bit more about you.Please feel free to get in touch (without obligation).

Will you work with our existing agencies

Lots of our clients have on-going partnerships with external agencies. We happily collaborate with your partners and have developed strong relationships with many of these agencies.

How do you work with NZTE or other agencies

We are approved providers of NZTE and the Regional Business Partner Network. This means some of our work is funded by government grants. Talk to us about how you might qualify for funding.

How do you work?

We offer a fluid and flexible approach(onsite with you, or working remotely), which means that you pay for the skills and services you need, and no more. We operate as a lean and agile start-up, to keep costs down and create savings for our clients.

Will you travel to overseas markets for us?

Depending on the Covid-19 travel restrictions, we can accompany you or go solo to new export markets on your behalf. We can also mentor you through the process to travel alone.